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The Motor City Big Block has its roots in the classic bass and guitar sounds of 1960s Soul Music, early Funk, the early days of classic Rock n Roll and Jamaican Dub music.  This DI box expands on the original design principles used in the 1960s by implementing a special custom designed transformer the LMI50600BRN.

Utilizing ROHS materials and practices, designed with a special alternating lamination pattern (incorporating LMI selected thick black iron lamination, super thin steel lams a custom wire thicknesses, LMI spec'd winding patterns and a massive core size, the transformer presents some 2000H of primary inductance and a maximum 50K:600 ohm ratio. 

The reflected impedance on a passive guitar or bass, presents near 1M reflected impedance along with superb bass and midrange response. 

The Big Block DI allows the user to select different inputs on the transformer, which presents a new territory for DI users. This advantage is two-fold.  Because the different inputs on the transformer (selected by the GOGO switch) present different impedances to the instrument or source, they also present different resistances in reference to ground which acts as a form of galvanic attenuation.  Instead of using a resistor network, the transformer itself is the attenuator. Secondarily and most importantly, the different inputs also have wildly different frequency responses.  This allows the user to select their curve, along with the varying degrees of harmonic content available depending on the tap selected. Because of the 50600BRN's high output impedance options, users can enjoy a gorgeous sounding result that does not always require massive loads of makeup gain, but also no sacrifice in vibe or tone. 


This is a tone shaping DI box, it is not designed in any way to be transparent or invisible. It is in the weigh, it has heavy hands and it imparts a massive degree of character to the input signal you present to the DI.

Big Block DI also features two additional tone shaping controls called BIRD GREASE and SLINK. Bird Grease impacts the extremes of the broadband, additionally contouring the attack character of the DI.

The Slink switch is an output impedance control, between 600 ohms and 300 ohms. This gives the user the choice of additional attenuation, but also a much smoother and less excited sound, while 600 is wide open and harmonics run free. 

Equally at home on keyboards, drum machines, synthesizers or material from a DAW. The Big Block DI form factor is advantageous to any user, but especially to a musician seeking a DI that will offer authenticity and sonic energy normally not available with other solutions.


Dimensions: 2.5" Wide, 2.5" Tall and 4" Long.

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