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Mäag Audio EQ4M

Mäag Audio EQ4M

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The EQ4M is Mäag Audio’s flagship mastering equalizer. it is based on the company’s original 6-band nti eq3 and like that original 2u equalizer, the 1u eq4m also includes cliff mäag’s unique and noteworthy air band® shelving equalizer first introduced in 1993 with the nti eq3.

The EQ4M has garnered significant praise as “the most musical-sounding equalizer ever made” because of its classic design, component quality, and high voltage power supply. powered by an internal high current +/- 18-volt regulated power supply, the eq4m has a maximum output level of +28.5 dbu while driving 600-ohm load impedances. the unit measures only -2 db down at the extremes of 10hz and 75khz—essentially a flat frequency response in the audio range.

Each channel of the EQ4M has six eq band sections. they are divided into four fixed frequency bell-shaped equalizer sections, a 2.5khz shelving equalizer section, and the air band equalizer with a choice of 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 40 khz frequencies. the five frequency bands in the main section are: sub or 10 hz, 40 hz, 160 hz, 650 hz, and the 2.5 khz shelving EQ.

All EQ sections have a boost/cut range of +15db and -4.5 db with center position detent at 0 db. the air band section has its own bypass button and there are separate hardwire bypass switches for each channel. each channel also has an input attenuator control with a 0 to -10db range and both a green signal present led (-20 dbu) and a red peak led that flashes with +23 dbu peaks.

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